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Give residents an opportunity to engage and leverage their voices,

then watch the magic of social and systems change begin.  


to About

RAPP Boston is a resident-led engagement portal for Boston residents to connect, engage and activate on issues impacting their quality of life; and to increase their knowledge and levels of participation and engagement throughout the city of Boston.

RAPP stands for:

  • Resident-led Action

  • Resident-centered Process

  • Resident-focus Participation

Our goals:

  • To improve the quality of life of all Boston residents

  • To increase resident participation and engagement in civic life

  • To make room and create space for residents to help identify gaps for societal learning and systems thinking 

  • To establish a healthy and safe space for residents to engage in meaningful dialogue with one another

  • To problem solve on community issues in partnership with city and elected officials

  • To value, respect and apply residents' expertise and lived experiences in all civic matters


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